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Hearth and Home - 2011 Vesta Award Winner

Ventis Class-A

The Ventis® Advantage

  • UL Listed UL103HT
  • Manufactured in the USA, Scranton, PA
  • Available in 304L or 316L inner wall pipe
    • 316 stocked, not special order
  • Sold factory direct to chimney and hearth professionals
  • Not sold through "big box stores"
  • Forever Warranty
    • Coal warranty - Forever Warranty with 316L inner wall pipe
  • Superior packaging virtually eliminates shipping damage

Exclusive Ventis Thermal Web™ Design

  • Reduces heat transfer to exterior wall
  • Allows for thermal bridging™ between pipe sections
  • Reinforces fastening system 360°

Ventis® Components - The Perfect Match

  • The best selection of rain caps in the industry
  • The best selection of flashings in the industry
  • Stainless steel options galore
  • Components that address many installation challenges

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