Premium Forever Flex®

A new generation of liner is here!
Introducing Premium Forever Flex™, an extremely flexible, easy to uncoil liner that has superior strength while also being very light weight.

Ventis® Direct Vent System

The Ventis® Direct Vent System features our quick connect screwless system, is listed for gas-fired direct vent and pellet appliances, and is known as one of the best selection of telescoping sections in the industry.

10" and 12" Class-A

The class-defining Ventis® Class-A All-Fuel Chimney System is now available in 10" and 12" diameters to better suit your venting needs.

Multi-Purpose Chimney Caps

The new Multi-Purpose Chimney Cap requires no tools for installation and mounts to the inside of the flue tile so it fits most shapes and sizes of flue tiles, including California ovals.

Dryer Vent

Our new Dryer Vent is approved for all installations. It is manufactured from 430 Stainless Steel and is avaiable in round or oval pipes. Silicon Joint Gaskets prevent leakage and joints do not require foil tape. Male ends are reduced instead of crimped which prevents lint build-up