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VENTIS® ZERO CLEARANCE WOOD FIREPLACES HE200 Wood fireplace with double retractable doors. Rustic style face-plate (metallic black) with black door overlay-- 6" collar


  • Overnight Burn
  • Double Retractable Doors
  • Cast Refractory Bricks
  • Standard Blower System
  • Optional Firescreen Doors and Hot Air Distribution Capabilities
  • Eco-Friendly Heating With Efficiency Topping 75% and Emissions Below 4.0 g/h

How many certified fireplaces compare to our HE200? Read on and you will discover that very few zeroclearance wood fireplaces can match the exceptional features of our HE200: an overnight burn, retractable double doors, cast refractory bricks, standard blower system, optional firescreen doors, and hot air distribution capabilities. When wood-heating is taken seriously, no detail should be overlooked. This is why the HE200 will impress you. Eco-friendly heating is not a stretch when emissions are below 4.0 g/h and efficiency tops 75%. Get the best of today’s wood fireplace technology with a traditional design!