Black Single Wall Stove Pipe

The industry's first smoke-free and fume-free single wall black stove pipe that has an exclusive patented Gap Collar™ and unique slip connector lengths to make your job easier and more professional.

Forever Flex

A premium light flex chimney lining system custom made with the professional in mind. The liner is made from 316Ti or AL29-4C alloys with components made from the same quality metals. The Forever Flex™ System is UL and ULC Certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

Chimney Caps

From Multi-Flues to Stackables to Single Flue caps, Olympia's got you covered.

Assemble Your Custom Top Mount

Hybrid / Smooth Wall

Light Years Ahead!

Hybrid liner has no memory and is more flexible than other liners. The smooth interior creates less turbulence and delivers better draft. Hybrid liner provides the ability to downsize the diameter of the liner in certain situations. It is UL/ULC listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

Armor Flex

A heavy flex lining system made from the same quality standards as the Forever Flex™ product line. Armor Flex™ is manufactured from 304L and 316L stainless steel with Olympia being the only company to offer heavy flex in kits. It is also UL/ULC listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

Rhino Rigid

Made from 304L & 316L stainless steel alloys, Rhino Rigid™ has a butt welded seam that seals gases and moisture completely, keeping the pipe perfectly round to guarantee a perfect fit every time! It is UL/ULC listed by Underwriters Laboratories.


Olympia offers a great selection of Insulation products from its Super Wrap™ Insulation, the only non-carcinogenic insulation wrap on the market to its EverGuard™ pour down insulation mix to its recently UL Listed 0 to 0 clearance Snap Wrap™ Insulation.


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